Thank you for stopping by Ebbets Field. We hope you have an enjoyable time at our little sports pub.We take great pride in our menu offerings, featuring Black Angus beef in all our steaks and burgers; and our pizzas, soups, sauces, chicken salad…everything from our kitchen…is handmade daily.

Ebbets Field’s decor is a very unique blend of local and national sports memorabilia, both upstairs and down.

So please feel free to take a look around and enjoy.

Our philosophy here at Ebbets is to try not to take things too seriously. Remember that we live in the greatest country in the world, and, for you locals, take pride we’re from the great state of Missouri!


It was in 1981 that Ebbets Field first served up a hamburger and fries. In that year, the year the Dodgers won the World Series, Marcus Allen won the Heisman and Pleasant Colony the Derby; Raiders of the Lost Ark was playing in theaters; Trivial Pursuit was invented; a first class stamp was 15¢, a gallon of gas $1.28; a new car cost you $7,700 and that new house set you back $78,000; the Dow reached 1,024, and President Reagan was shot.

Since starting operations in ’81, Ebbets has been opened over 11,000 days, has greeted over 1,440,000 customers, served over 490,000 burgers, 520,000 pounds of fries, and over 1,490,000 beers!! Boys, we’re talkin’ a stack of burgers over 23 miles high! And beer? Over 139,680 gallons of beer! That’s a beer a day for over 4,000 years!!

It’s been a quite a ride…quite a winning streak. Our entire Ebbets Field team thanks you very much!